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Pieces of a Sand Story (Part 5)

Holy Books - XV: The Tax Man

The Comedian’s Notebook: Into the Tryphon Design

The Comedian’s Notebook: The End is Everywhere

Pieces of a Sand Story (Part 4)

Story Starters for Kids

The Comedian’s Notebook: Memmeroids

The Comedian’s Notebook: Impressing the Fuck Out of . . .

Holy Books - XIV: The Speed Round (Part 2)

Pieces of a Sand Story (Part 3)

The Comedian’s Notebook: Killing Hitler

The Comedian’s Notebook: Things that Are Not Funny

Holy Books - XIII: What the Dead Care About

Pieces of a Sand Story (Part 2)

What the Caterpillar Calls the End of the World

Here’s the Thing about Grandpa’s Stories . . .

Holy Books - XII: The Speed Round (Part 1)

Pieces of a Sand Story (Part 1)

The New Nature Writing

I Laugh in the Face of Death (Conclusion)

Holy Books - XI: It Can Get No Clearer, or, I Hate Manifestos

Eyes Open, Childhood Dreams (Conclusion)

Art (Hypno) Therapy

I Laugh in the Face of Death (Part 3)

Eyes Open, Childhood Dreams (Part 2)

And I Quote

Holy Books - X: A tour de force!

Question Everything

I Laugh in the Face of Death (Part 2)

Eyes Open, Childhood Dreams (Part 1)

Holy Books - IX: Divine Mystery Novel Outline

I Laugh in the Face of Death (Part 1)

Is this what they mean by ‘Lyric Essay’?

Baby on Board

Love Potion Number 187 (Conclusion)

The Wine List

Holy Books - VIII: The Moon Landing, Explained

Campaign Ad

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 9)

The Self-Aware Post

The Most Boring Story Ever

The Book of You

Sun Bear

Holy Books - VII: List of Things I Could Never Tell Anyone

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 8)

Vanished Without a Trace

Holy Books - VI: Chairman of the Bird

A Summer at Shiloh Grove (Conclusion)

Leave the World Alone!

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 7)

Holy Books - V: Symbolism in Literature

A Summer at Shiloh Grove (Part 6)

You’ve Got It!

One Page of Nothing

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 6)

A Summer at Shiloh Grove (Part 5)

Book of Common Prayer for the Misfortune of Others

Pitch for Soap Opera a la The Book of Leviticus

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 5)

Holy Books - IV: The Plumber’s Parables

A Summer at Shiloh Grove (Part 4)

Writers Writing About Writers

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 4)

Evil Twin Prison

A Summer at Shiloh Grove (Part 3)

Meeting the Creator

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 3)

‘Negligent Homicide in the Morning’ Day

A Summer at Shiloh Grove (Part 2)

Holy Books - III: Chapter YTQK

Love Potion Number 187 (Part 2)

A Summer at Shiloh Grove (Part 1)


Love Potion Number 187 (Part 1)

Holy Books - II: Nodegikelamsomeusoqrestfomcult

Wooden People

Holy Books - I: Don’t Believe in Magic

The Aristotle Transcript

Mr. Drumstick Claims His Own

Rules on the Composition of Poetry

When I Am an Old Woman

Bog Stew

Two Poems

Rainbow Stalkers

Three Inspirational Mottos

1,000 Words of Prophecy

A Congregation of Worms

Episode II: The Clown Wars

You there, adventurer!

The Robot Religion

Where Genies Dare . . .

The Socratic Method

Who is the Nether Paragon?

Decisions in the Streets


Every Social Media Profile Ever

Abandon Your Superstition Day: A Closer Look

Abandon Your Superstition Day: Glimpses

Bathroom Rhymes


Hula Hoop Olympics

Only the Money is Obvious

The Chore of Worship

In the Streets of Birth

Before the Moment of Discord

Ten to One

Grownup Playground Rules