Bathroom Rhymes

Who glues? He glues. You glues. I glues. We glues our hair into spikes. It doesn’t work that well and makes our fingers peels. 

So we slaps the mirror with our hands, and it leaves marks and our hands turn red. 

But something rattles behind the mirror. 


Shaving cream, razors. Toothpaste, toothbrush. 

We shave brushes and brush shavers. (Only one of those gets anything done.) 


Toilet? Toilet. Down the toilet goes the toothbrush. Toothpaste into toilet too. Toothpaste makes the toilet water blue. Maybe the blue will help the glue. We stick our heads down the toilet too. Blue glue on our hair-do. 

Touching toilet paper tears it. We use TP as a hair-net. We are messy. Time for bath we guessy. 


Whose bath? Blue bath. Our hair leaves streaks everywhere. New bath? Poo bath! Five of us can fit and shit at once into the bubbling tub and the drain goes glub glub glub. 

Why not splash? A cannonball bath! 

Taking turns no matter how high waves we rise the tub will always hold our size. 

Waves rise, high dives. 

We are making so much noise yet no one seems to care. 

We’ll sweep the floor with water until it all runs down the stairs.