Abandon Your Superstition Day: Glimpses

Today, the world is going to end because I used the wrong pen at work. I don’t usually go for the logo-ed ones on a ____day, but today was national ‘Abandon Your Superstition For a Day’ day, and now we’re all fucked.

Crystal struggled with the volume on her streaming video. The curser stopped at a 67. She hates odd numbers but went with it anyway. A plane crashed in the desert.

Many seemingly sensible people chose not to go to work at all. Just because money is deposited into your bank account after you’ve spent a certain amount of time somewhere, doesn’t make it causation. Maybe the banks would realize that you can give people money instead of take it away. Fat chance. They went the opposite way. Their superstition of ‘pretend to be moral and people will give you money’ turned into cleaning out the accounts of charities and holding a Luxury Yacht Demolition Derby. Sometimes, we create our own disasters.

Chadwick did not kiss his wife goodbye before heading to work this morning. When his marriage didn’t immediately turn to shambles afterwards (she was after all, still asleep) he was so overjoyed at the smell of the early morning air that he skipped to work rather than driving. He got there a little late, but since so few bothered to show up, he felt a day of leisure immanent. Now he mutters to himself in a corner that the wildfires were not his doing, the wildfires were not his doing.

God is angry at the minister who performed the morning service (to a nearly empty chapel) while sipping a cup of coffee. The minister had long been resentful that he either had to chug his coffee beforehand, or wait until afterwards and then be distracted during the service. On Abandon Your Superstition Day, sewers burst along the streets of far-away lands, and the minister blamed himself.

Next week: A Closer Look . . .