Decisions in the Streets

The man who drove through the crosswalk, screaming at the woman with the stroller, calling her an asshole because the ‘don’t walk’ sign started blinking while she was crossing, made a decision.

From the sidewalk, other pedestrians thought his truck backfired, since it lurched and slowed down. But the man with the gun, he ran around the truck and opened the driver side door. Leaning over the dead body, using the legs on the pedals, he guided the truck to the side of the road and waited for the ambulance and police to arrive. 

“This driver,” the shooter later explained, “made a conscious decision to screech through an intersection that was populated with pedestrians, some of them small children, and scream at them from the window of his large truck. Such a person who makes a decision like that cannot possibly bring any amount of good into anyone’s life. Do what you like to me. My actions were 100% morally justified and I have ridded the world of someone who already has and would continue to produce incalculable harm.”

. . .

The sleet is coming down in waves. Umbrellas have to be held in front of people as they walk. The only open space on the sidewalk is between the parking meters and the street. Standing in this vacant lane is a shivering child. Could be ten, could be thirteen. Wearing a yellow t-shirt, soaked to the skin, and shredded blue jeans. The color of his lips. He holds his hands out to passers-by and pleads, yelling through the shriek of the gusts for any kind of help or compassion. Then he’s yelling at the crowd about what heartless assholes they all are and if this is the pinnacle of civilization, then we should just nuke the whole thing and be done with it.

A few stop to watch but are held at bay by the film crew. The director tells the kid to hold his hands out and swing back and forth a few more times while shivering for the promo shot and then yells cut. The actor is handed a blanket and brought back to a smallish trailer on the edge of a closed road. This video will front-page all the relevant platforms as sharer after sharer gets their daily fix of superiority and disdain.

“It’s a social experiment,” explains the film crew.

. . .

More footage appears. Police officers kicking corpses, shooting the bodies repeatedly as other officers pull up, cracking open twelve-packs. Using the corpse to keep their beer cold. Making it do racist impressions.

“Why doesn’t anyone stop this?” asks the film crew, panning to the public who are trying to make their way around the barricades.

A young woman sets the new gang bang record in the middle of a closed intersection during rush hour. All the cars were driven by actors. “Public rape epidemic that no one cares about!” proclaims the film crew.

A trio of wealthy white obese businessmen enter a tenement of apartments. They hand the landlord an envelope of cash and the landlord knocks on the doors of the tenants one by one and informs the actors that they no longer have a place to live effective immediately. The landlord runs out the front door, cash in hand jumping for joy as bull-dozers descend upon the building.

From across the street, a film crew films this film crew and asks, “Why are all these film crews getting footage of these atrocities and doing nothing to stop them? That’s the real epidemic.”

. . .

In an elementary school classroom, a teacher stops the lesson and presses a button on the wall. A bookshelf rotates, revealing a dark hallway which leads to some stairs. An ominous red light dimly flickers at the end of the passage. A hidden camera captures the teacher leading the children away, and the bookshelf shuts behind them.

Footage of the man who installed the hidden camera identifies him as ‘the real reason these atrocities continue’. Other students, secretly from their phones, filmed the crew who filmed the man who installed the hidden camera. “It’s all a setup, we heard they were shooting a movie,” all the students say.

The helicopter that established the panoramas which introduce the film are piloted by the masterminds.

‘The news that reports these stories should hold their sources morally accountable’, screams the outraged headlines.

‘Those who view the news of these atrocities and do nothing about it may as well be perpetrating them themselves,’ say other news viewers. 

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