The Chore of Worship

searching for sticks that look good upon an alter 

taking walks to find rocks to bring indoors 


Which bits of nature look best by candlelight? 

Beneath a clear stream of incense smoke? 


Spirits shouldn’t care about appearances, 

but in the absence of an alter, 

trash will acquire 


The trimmings of the pagan = practical aesthetics 

to hide the process of the modern 

whose stress created a need for meditation


walking in nature is proven to invigorate the brain and make these work tasks bearable


working toward the next walk


to pretend that: the trees are enough

that: no one would find me if I never came back

came back with all these rocks and sticks


for my alter which keeps my laundry off the dresser

pointing out that there is more to life than


daily chores - which pay for where I live

which buys time to go looking for

sticks and rocks