The Aristotle Transcript

   Q: Regarding the divisions of humanity, do people differentiate generally, or specifically?

    A: You forgot 'structurally.' In a said location, there may be four floors, each looking down upon the other. Despite the fact that the floors are similarly constructed – computer banks, fireside couches, game tables, and cafe area – the top floor is closest to the murals on the roof and hosts the best view of the city.

    Q: Particularly striking on a rainy day, when there seems to be an invisible wall between the patrons and the storm.

    A: Furthermore, in the game areas there are chess tables and tables with assorted board games going on. The personalities and looks, even between the two types of game player is clearly a group divide.

    Q: What of the readers?

    A: I can't get close enough to tell. The readers are engrossed in their books – no page-turners – and they all appear to be middle-aged and older white men. There are border groups, who hide between bookshelves and talk on their phones.

    Q: By 'not getting close enough to tell', may we assume that the area being described is not so hypothetical after all.

    A: I had reached the same conclusion with your comment on the rainy windows.

    Q: Is there a difference between who inhabits which floor?

    A: Not that I can tell. Maybe the border groups have a roaming pattern that fills up consecutively, like electron shells. The layout of the floors are all the same. Each floor hosts gamers, users of the computer banks, readers, and roamers.

    Q: What is their relation to each other?

    A: Some friends, no doubt. Maybe co-workers off the clock although that is a bit of a stretch. No family, though. This is the place one goes to escape family. The haven of other worlds be they digital, printed or painted.

    Q: So are all these people interchangeable then?

    A: From floor to floor, yes. The only real difference they share is presumably their various occupations, which are the only things about them that would be newsworthy in the event of their sudden demise, that is if anything about them were newsworthy at all.

    Q: Could any one of them move groups, or pretend to be someone else?

    A: Doubtful. Identity addiction is rampant, especially among recreational hovels such as this. If one were to pretend to be someone else, it would not be long before the initial identity would need some recognition of a congratulatory nature of its ability to play at being someone else.


– Transcript captured by::SO-fbhy4h:: Both suspects believed to be in Building {Code Bookworm}. Location, undetermined, continuing to monitor signal. Invisible Breach successful.


    Q: Do animals take pride in art and architecture, the way humans do? Surely, every spiderweb is as different as every symphony.

    A: Art nowadays is meant as pride for the individual. No longer is it an act of worship towards the greater being. And it has never been so in the animal world. Practicality and defense are the animal's only measure of success. Likewise, it could be argued that the architecture of humanity is best tested in warfare. Much of our science works this way. A chemist in the lab may spend hours mixing in perfect analytical proportions that will only be properly expressed in the explosive results.

    Q: How would one's chances of surviving this hypothetical explosion differ due to floor location? Would the chance of landing on top of the rubble be better than the chance of fleeing the initial fires? If I may be so bold, how would someone in your location be affected by such an event?

    A: The survival chance for anyone in the building is zero. Combined electricity, plumbing, and sanitation chemicals, as well as gas for heating and cooling, mixed with the contents of such a device, would create an impenetrable toxic cloud as well as the byproduct of continuous burning quite resistant to water. As for my location, you'll notice me only from where I am no longer. The suggested immanence of our personal contact grew uncomfortable to me. Scan your view for a newly empty space. You played your cards too early.

    Q: Do our movements matter at all? Is our life the concurrent addition of all our previous movements, or is there some circularity involved?

    A: Movement is the essence of time, and since time is running out, our movements are not cumulative but are assigned an arbitrary meaning, which is reliably inaccurate.

    Q: Isn't beauty created by inaccuracy? The things we work so hard for never satisfy as the unexpected does.

    A: By that logic, there is no reason to stop me. Delight in the orchestration of destruction comes from learning how many creative steps there actually are. Although I do admit to accomplishing much by accident.


– Signal located to 3rd Floor Computer Banks. Suspects may be using their own devices and hiding beneath Group Signal. Request Patch through to Backup. No Alert, repeat, No Alert. Just keep Patch Open.


    Q: There is always a remainder after any sort of destruction. Can this process be repeated ad infinitum?

    A: Only insofar as it's repeated by nature. A person cannot destroy forever because such a person would eventually have to destroy themselves, and such destruction would require the assistance of an outside party. In this instance, we have the universe which will eventually pull itself apart at near the speed of light. Getting back to the question of the attribution of art, since the ultimate nature of life, is death, killing is the oldest form of worship.

    Q: Isn't the creation and existence of a killer the negation of the killer's purpose?

    A: Only under the assumption that human conceptions accurately portray reality. Every language we create has limits which descend into paradoxes if breached. Mathematics and physics have the singularity. English has 'This Statement Is False'.

    Q: AFK.

    A: Morality and Philosophy have the problem of bettering our lives while dealing with the fact that our only guarantees are sickness and death.

    Q: Not very religious talk coming from someone who spoke so highly of worship not that long ago.


– Digital Surge detected. Headquarters and Field Unit unaffected. Surge Originated from Suspect Q. Perhaps half the Computer Banks on all four floors damaged. Customers lining up at Help Desk and Coffee Shop, demanding refunds. Possible riot immanent. This Agent suspects motive on Q to flush out A.


    A: Would this juvenile prank be an attempt to specify my location? The only damage in your effort was collateral. Was that a justifiable risk? Is this your definition of 'heroism'?

    Q: Since no one is leaving, it would have been a foolhardy attempt. Is there any possibility of agreement on what constitutes ultimate justice?

    A: As per my last statement while you were shocking the system, the whole of everything is a balance, the scales of which are horrendously unfair. Merely the slightest amount of contentment for one comes at the expense of tremendous suffering for a good many others. Every single being in that chain has a different definition of 'justice.'

    Q: What about you, then? Are you a good person doing one bad thing? How would you like to be known?

    A: Just as this. An unidentifiable series of keystrokes, forever lost in the whirlwind of endless typing which is all that modern life boils down to.

    Q: How do you know this is happening on your terms? What if I threaten to tell your story in the most sympathetic manner possible?

    A: Hypothetical. You can't. You don't know who I am.

    Q: I know you better than anybody.

    A: This is due to your assumption that your perception equals truth. Our extensive past conversations reveal nothing except those conversations. We could be anybody and we ARE destined to be expendable.

    Q: Why hasn't 'culling the herd' ever worked in the past before?

    A: Because getting rid of an 'undesirable' simply creates more 'undesirables.' An unpleasant by-product of morality. No matter how high the floor is raised, it's still the floor. You also misinterpret my motives. I am not 'culling'. I am killing for its own sake.

    Q: They why target the privileged population? Everyone here has leisure time and money and even the more desperate ones have phones. 'Killing-for-its-own-sake' would be more randomly spread.

    A: Because no one cares about the least fortunate. They die in droves every day.

    Q: Doesn't that statement make your current act a political one?

    A: Maybe, but it's also convenient. These are the spaces I inhabit. These are the people I hate. This act has significance for me.

    Q: Why does that matter?

    A: It doesn't.

    Q: Have you been noticing the decrease of the numbers of people who could be one of us?

    A: Most of the computer users are on their phones trying to talk to fellow gamers, and having a terrible time of it. The others are demanding some sort of severance from the Services desk due to losing their documents or game progress. I do admit to having a hard time believing you are still present, due to the immanent danger.

    Q: We are most definitely on the same floor. If you keep moving, we may never meet. But you're not moving.

    A: Where are you?


– Both Suspects Confirmed. Request Hold Off Backup. Repeat, No Emergency Vehicles to Building {Code Bookworm}. Presence of Such may arouse Suspicion and agitate Population. Field Agent will Apprehend personally.


    Q: Presumably, approaching the obituary section. Is missing your own spectacle an act of sacrifice?

    A: The danger of future pride is too great a risk.

    Q: Someone is already very proud of you.

    A: No one knows me.

    Q: I waited here because this is where you go to escape family. Your 9th-grade teacher told me that after those truancy letters arrived at the house.

    A: This is so goddamned dumb. How many years did this take? Why are you following me?

    Q: Oh, so you ask the questions now?

    A: Whatever. No one will ever know of this. You must be pretty unhappy at home.

    Q: Everyone will know. These transcripts are all out. My dying wish.

    A: Why didn't you reveal yourself sooner?

    Q: You would have run away and hid from me again.

    A: You're going to die if you stay here. Please leave.

    Q: I'd rather die during your greatest accomplishment than live with knowing how little love I was able to bring into your life.

    A: Are you at least going to show yourself?

    Q: I'm sitting next to you. Look up from your screen once in a while.


– Field Agent SO-fbhy4h: Moving in on Suspects. Only Two in the 3rd Floor Computer Banks. Gotta be them. And Headquarters? Once I thwart this major terrorist operation I quit working for you dumb fucks. On my hero fame, I'll retire and consult and never have t-


End of Transcript. Contact Lost.